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Three-Letter Word Practice

Basic three-letter words are one of the building blocks of reading. Identifying these words by sight helps readers to quickly and easily sound out more difficult words.

Cat, Dog, Mat, Log, Cap, Map, Top, Mop, Red, Bed, Pig, Dig...

Rhyming helps readers understand spelling and sound patterns. This also helps with memorization of sight words. Worksheets and flashcards associating these words with pictures assists with word recognition. Our Into to Reading post includes starter videos that practice sounding out letters and then beginning three-letter sight words ending in 'AT.'

Once a good variety of common three-letter sight words have been memorized, I enjoy using the following videos to practice them in sentences with pictures! This video helps new readers become comfortable reading sight words out loud in sentences that flow:

3 Letter Story Book Sentences

Practices a variety of three letter words in sentences.

Cat in The Hat, Fat, Rat, Mat, continued...

Another rendition of a cat, hat, mat, rat story. This is a great review of the 'AT' family of words students have already become familiar with.


Three-Letter Word Games

Two and three-letter words such as "and" are common word in the English language yet tricky for most new readers to get down. has fun and interactive games for students to practice lots of subjects, especially reading. Parents can sign up for free. I like using the following game to help students practice identifying the word "and" along with several other common sight two and three-letter words such as "in", "on", "by", "the", and others.

It is important for students to read the same sentences in the same short stories out loud over and over again until they become comfortable. This is key to becoming fluent reader. I try to find or create fun short sentences and stories about topics that students are excited about to keep their interest.

Here are some worksheets and word lists to supplement this lesson:

Trace and Match 3 Letter Words
Download • 773KB

Have any thoughts or questions about these recommendations? Please share below :)

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