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Our Story

We are a team of top tutors  on a mission to make the world a better place through education.

Terrific Tutors ® was was founded on the notion that tutoring should be effective, affordable, and simple.  Sessions are designed to improve confidence, simplify concepts, and optimize our students' success.  Our goal is to foster a love of learning while helping students excel.  

We are not a tech platform or marketplace that connects students with a database of thousands of tutors.  Rather, we are an exclusive team of trusted educators who use state-of-the-art technology to provide top tier instruction in our areas of expertise.

How we started.

Terrific Tutors ® was the vision of a full-time tutor who wanted to address the learning disparities that exist in both public and private education.  The objective was to provide reasonably priced, flexible tutoring services that can be customized to meet every student's needs.  Our all-star team of highly skilled, full-time, friendly and professional tutors, who provide help that extends beyond the tutoring session, has been key to making an impactful difference and brining that vision to life.  Over the years, we have helped hundreds of students master classes, ace exams, and strengthen their academic self-esteem.

Who we are.

We are a small team of expert tutors, teachers, and educational consultants.  Together, we're working to bridge learning gaps and build a lasting foundation for students.  We each share a passion for teaching, decades of experience, and expertise in a wide range of K-12, college, and test prep subjects.  We work with both children and adults to strengthen academic skills and accelerate the learning process.

What we do.

We help students quickly catch up, keep up, or get ahead in school.  Our high level one-on-one instruction and comprehensive support is tailored to ensure every student's success.   Sessions are fun, fast, and extremely effective! 


Students are provided the opportunity to learn using simple strategies for mastering concepts and improving skills.  We consult with students, families, and schools to help students transform grades, reach academic goals, as well as navigate IEP and 504P processes.  We also advocate for students in school meetings and correspondence when helpful.

In addition to tutoring, we provide test preparation for many standardized exams.  We strategically review concepts while teaching time-saving, test-taking strategies.  Sample tests and diagnostic assessments are administered regularly to gauge skills, monitor progress, and evaluate improvement.  We have helped dozens of students achieve competitive and often top-tier scores on admissions tests.

As experts in online education (we've been tutoring remotely for over seven years), our "virtual classrooms" use video-conferencing, screen-sharing, and interactive whiteboards that make sessions seamless and convenient.  Since the onset of virtual learning during the pandemic and transition back, we have continued to help students excel in classes and on exams.

Why we do it.

It is a humbling honor to help students accomplish their goals.  We recognize the importance of education and remember the challenges of being a student.  Most importantly, we believe in the tremendous potential that every student has.  That is why we work to make a positive difference for as many students as we can.  It is also what makes us truly terrific.

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