Our Story

We are a team of top tutors  on a mission to make the world a better place through education.

How we started.

It didn’t take long after starting her tutoring career for Terrific Tutors' founder Jasmine to realize the powerful impact that tutoring has on students' success, while recognizing the large gap that existed in the industry.   Private tutoring services were expensive, yet not always effective.  Successful tutoring requires not only knowledgeable and personable tutors, but support that often extends beyond the tutoring session.


Thus, Terrific Tutors was created to provide reasonably priced tutoring from full-time educators and comprehensive academic support.  We know our subject matter like no other.  We take an in-depth look at learning challenges and provide solutions for students at home and school that ensure their success.  

Who we are.

Terrific Tutors®  is a small team of top tutors and educational consultants.  Sharing a passion for teaching and years of experience, we are each deeply connected to the value of our students' education.  As experts in our fields, we help both children and adults strengthen academic skills, build confidence, and master a wide range of K-12 and college subjects.

What we do.

We help students quickly catch up, keep up, and get ahead in school.  In addition to tutoring, we offer test preparation for many standardized exams.  We team up with families and schools to help students transform grades and reach academic goals. 

Terrific Tutors® provides students the opportunity to learn using simple strategies for mastering concepts and improving skills.  Our goal is to foster a love of learning and increase self-confidence.  

As experts in online education (we have been tutoring online for years), our "virtual classrooms" use video-conferencing, screen-sharing, and interactive whiteboards that make sessions seamless and convenient.  Since the pandemic, we have continued to help students excel in classes and on exams.

Why we do it.

It is a humbling honor to help students accomplish their goals.  We recognize the importance of education and remember the challenges of being a student. 


We also believe that shared knowledge promotes social understanding, making the world a better place for us all.  That is why we work to make a positive difference for as many students as we can.  It is also what makes us truly terrific.