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Intro to Reading for Kids

Here are some useful videos that introduce students to the alphabet and letter sounds. They go on to practice sounding out letter combinations and reading three-letter words in a story! I recommend students have fun repeating the sounds and words back to the narrator in the videos.

The Alphabet Song

I always warm-up new readers by singing the alphabet song together. Here is one of may fun versions that you can find online:

Letter Sounds

After a few renditions of the alphabet song, we start practicing each of the letter sounds. This is a huge first step in learning how to read.

I often use these two videos to help students connect the sounds of letters with words of objects they are already familiar with. We repeat the letter sounds and words together:

I enjoy using this video to help students memorize individual letter sounds (without images), again practicing out loud together:

Once we have a solid understanding of all the letters and their sounds, we are ready to start combining them to make words. The following video prepares students to combine several basic three-letter rhyming words. In the video after this one, students will start reading those words in a story!

After your student is able to sound out the 'AT' words in the above video, they will be ready to practice reading them in a sentence. Below is a short story about Pat the Cat.

And Congratulations! Once you and your student have read the story of Pat the Cat together, he or she has successfully begun to learn how to read. Next, it's time to learn some new three-letter word combinations and start practicing the rules.

Here are some worksheets involving 'AT' words to supplement this lesson:

Reading - AT words color cut worksheets
Download • 237KB
Download PDF • 138KB
Download PDF • 1.40MB
Download PDF • 153KB
Download PDF • 141KB

Have any thoughts or questions about these recommendations? Please share below :)

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