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Middle School Math: An Overview & FREE Practice Resources

Middle School Math

Having established foundational math skills in elementary school, middle school students are introduced to algebra, geometry, probability, and statistics by 7th grade. After mastering these skills, they are well-prepared for algebra or pre-algebra in 8th grade.

Most students take Algebra 1 during their Freshman year of high school. Some take it during their 8th grade year.

The beginning years of middle school focus on reviewing foundational elementary math skills, which include performing the four math operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), as well as a working understanding of proportions i.e. fraction and percentages, exponents, and square roots.


Algebra studies the math symbols and rules for solving equations with numbers, variables, equations, and inequalities. Letters represent possible numbers in expressions or functions. Students learn about patterns and predictive relationships such as rates of speed.


Geometry studies the sizes, shapes, positions, angles, and dimensions of things. Students learn basic geometry tools and investigate polygons including triangles and quadrilaterals, and will be introduced to trigonometric concepts.


The probability of an event is a number describing the chance that the event will happen. An event that is certain to happen has a probability of 1. An event that cannot possibly happen has a probability of zero.


Statistics involves gathering information, summarizing it, and deciding what it means. The numbers that result from this work are also called statistics. They can help to predict such things as the weather and how sports teams will perform. Students learn how to use data to make predictions.


Best Sites for Free Middle School Math Practice & Worksheets

IXL provides practice problems for K-12 subjects, broken down by grade level, skillset, and subsections. It is our favorite go to for many subjects - especially math!

IXL provides up to 10 free practice questions per day. Subscriptions start at about $10 per month.

Find over 1,500 free printable math worksheets for Grades 6-8 and high school in every topic.

Here, you can find hundreds of middle school level worksheets covering every single math skills set, along with reading and social studies subjects.


Need a tutor to help build and strengthen math skills? We're here to help!

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