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An Overview of the OLSAT

The OLSAT is a multiple choice K-12 test that is commonly used by schools for admissions into gifted and talented programs.

Sections & Allotted Time

It includes four sections, two verbal and two non-verbal:

Verbal Comprehension: understanding of language; similarities/differences among words

Verbal Reasoning: using language to infer, apply, and classify

Pictorial Reasoning: inferring from and evaluating pictures

Figural Reasoning: reasoning involving geometric shapes

Students have between 60 and 75 minutes to complete the exam depending on their exam level and number of questions (see below)

Exam levels is determined by grade level:


The OLSAT is scored by calculating a percentage of questions answered correctly weighed against students of the same age. The results report a percentile ranking of how they did on a scale of 0-100%.

Students will usually need to perform in the top 95 percentile to be identified for a school's Talented and Gifted programs.

Recommended Guide

Practice Links

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