All About the ACT (Plus Free Practice Links)

The ACT is a college entrance exam composed of four sections: English, Math, Reading, Science Reasoning, and an optional Writing test.

Students are allowed about 3 hours to complete the test. Testing time is allocated among each section as follows:

English - 45 Minutes (75 questions allowing 36 seconds per question)

Math - 60 Minutes (60 questions allowing one-minute per quetsoin)

Reading - 35 Minutes (40 questions allowing 52 seconds per question)

Science - 35 Minutes ( 40 questions allowing 53 seconds per question)

Essay (optional) - 40 Minutes (About 10 minutes planning time and 30 minutes writing time)

Here are three links to free ACT practice problems:


The ACT organization's official site provides free practice test questions in each section of the exam here:


This site offers six free practice tests and answer keys from prior years' ACT exams. They also provide helpful guides and tips about what to and not to do when studying for the exam.

3. "Preparing for the ACT Test 2018-2019"

Access an official full-length practice test that includes test-taking strategies and tips here:

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Have you taken the ACT before? What was your experience? Comment below:

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