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What is the NCLEX-RN?

The NCLEX-RN exams is a test that nursing graduates are required to pass tp be licensed as a Registered Nurse in the US or Canada.

The test is five hours long, including optional breaks. It is a computer adaptive test (the test recalibrates itself based on your answers) with a minimum of 75 and maximum of 145 questions.

It is divided into four major focus areas:

  • Providing a safe and effective care environment

  • Health promotion and maintenance

  • Psychosocial integrity

  • Physiological integrity


NCLEX-RN Test Plan

The National Council of State Board of Nursing provides NCLEX-RN Test Plan that serves as a study guide:


Want help from an NCLEX-RN pro?

Our expert NCLEX-RN tutors provide one-on-one guidance and personalized preparation for your exam.

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