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The California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE) is an early-exit testing program. Students who pass the exam receive the legal equivalent of a diploma, entitled a “Certificate of Proficiency,” from the California State Board of Education.

The exam consists of two sections: Math & Language Arts. Students are given 3 ½ hours to complete both sections and may allocate their time between either section as they would like. There is also a writing component of the exam.

Finding free online resources for CHSPE prep can be difficult. Here are a few links to sites that offer free practice and study guides for the CHSPE:


This site provides a free study guide and practice questions for both the Math and Language Arts sections of the CHSPE exam:


Find a free comprehensive study guide with quizzes for each section and timed practice questions here:

3. Complete Test Preparation, Inc.

Download this free skill practice booklette which includes practice questions and an overview of the exam:

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Have you taken the CHSPE before? What was your experience? Comment below:

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